Can You Earn From BIGO LIVE

Can You Earn From BIGO LIVE?

Here are the 9 best methods to earn from Bigo Live. We have explained average monthly and yearly earnings from this platform.

Can You Earn From BIGO LIVE? You can earn money from BIGO LIVE by making a good profile, create interesting videos, upload regularly, do on-demand broadcast, and making a huge following. On average you can earn between $140 to $10,000 depending on your followers and videos. You can collect beans and diamonds from Bigo Live and then convert them into cash.

Millions of people around the globe use this platform to showcase their skills or just enjoy the videos. You can one of those who are making the right use of this program and start making money. Just follow all the guidelines mentioned here.

Can You Earn From BIGO LIVE?

Bigolive is a live broadcasting app, and you can showcase any talent on it to get a decent amount. Let me explain all the details. First, download this app from the play store of your device.

Then go for the registration process. For registration, you have to provide your google account. Add your email ID and password. Then the app will show the homepage of it.

You can click on the live broadcaster to watch any live streaming. You can also create a live broadcast and upload any exciting video.

The followers will give you beans and gifts. It is easy to send them to your friends by click on send it. You can also transfer them to money in your bank account. 

Its regular broadcasters and hosts are making in millions by following these simple tricks.

Choose an attractive profile

The first thing that can make a good impression on the viewer is your profile picture. You should make a lot of effort to create an attractive profile picture.

Firstly you should have a good quality high definition camera to take your photographs. Never use any celebrity picture or any other character as your profile picture.

It can divert the attention of the viewers. Take a clear picture of your face along with the upper body part. Your face should not have any excess makeup and dress uniquely.

Do not use filters on your picture; keep it real. Take the image in your natural pose or in the pose which you think suits you.

Keep the background of your profile picture attractive and elegant. Decorate the background with some wallpapers that match your talent.

Try to use some neat and stylish furniture in your photo. Avoid blurring the items of furniture and other belongings. You can also make money from Facebook groups.

Do something new

It is an essential task for you when you want to make millions quickly from this platform. In this era of social media, where hundreds of social media apps work, it isn’t easy to recognize.

You can do this when you do something different from others. You have to create something different and exciting.

Ordinary content can not get followers and fans because people are bored with the same content on all the social media apps. First, recognize your natural talent and then decide what to do.

Usually, people like adventurous videos or try to deliver some information and knowledge. You can plan an adventurous tour at some historic place or some hilly areas.

It attracts the attention of people of all ages. Upload a video on a documentary of some famous spots. This can get you followers and fans instantly. You can get a handsome amount through this. You can make money from playing the Fortnite game.

Make Good quality videos

When you upload anything or do live streaming, your video quality must be excellent. No one is interested in watching blurry video ar videos and live streaming with low voice quality.

You need both a good camera of high resolution and a microphone in case of live chat or live streaming.

When you create something good, and the picture quality is good, it increases viewers’ interest in your videos. They become followers and regularly visit your profile.

Your friends can help you to make some good videos for this platform. You should also have some photography and movie making skills to spark elegance to the videos.

When using this program on your mobile phones, choose a mobile phone with a camera of high pixels.

Upload videos regularly

When you want to get more followers and get more work consistency, you must do it regularly no matter what kind of content you are providing.

When you are uploading videos related to anything, at least upload one video per day. When you can try to upload at least two videos per day.

People who broadcast or live stream should do it daily or thrice a week. Try to pre-inform about time and date to your followers about the broadcast and upload of videos.

You should be online approximately 10 minutes before starting the broadcast. It will create the right image of followers.

Make the broadcast and live streaming lengthy because it give s time to more and more followers to get engaged.

Live streaming should extend to approx 60 min to 90 min to get more viewers. This, in turn, will get you more money. You can also earn money from the Audiomack platform.

Frequently interact with the audience

Interaction makes your live stream interesting, and people spend more time on your broadcast. When you are only speaking, no matter how useful information is, it makes the viewers bore.

You can interact with them by introducing yourself and start Livestream with some casual chat with viewers. It also creates fun in the Livestream.

People who follow your videos regularly are very much interested in knowing you.

Connect on a personal basis and build a strong relationship with them. You can also have a question and answer session at the end of the live stream.

This encourages the viewers to not only with you but also with other viewers. It will create an amusing live chat, and your popularity will increase.

More people will get to know you and become a fan of this program. More fans mean more beans and, ultimately, more money in your account.

Start a quick makeup and fashion designing tutorials

Short tutorials are very much n demand on many topics. One of them is makeup tutorial and fashion designing. Women and girls can make a lot of money through it.

They can make tutorials on how to use different makeup products. They can also make tutorials about the makeup according to the events.

It can increase your popularity in days. Ladies are making so much doing such tutorials. Ladies profile pic can easily attract male followers; 70 to 80% of female broadcast followers are males. These girls can enjoy this perk easily.

Fashion designing is also trendy, and not only girls but also boys can even start uploading such videos to get the required results.

You can broadcast on the new trending design of dresses and shoes. You can also show different combinations of dresses, and in which style everyone can wear it.

Purchase beans and diamonds from BIGO LIVE

This is an indirect method of earning money through this software. Beans, gifts, and diamonds you get from followers are transferred to cash.

If you have investments, then purchase beans and followers. Broadcaster purchase beans and diamonds to increase their followers. Various business people are using this strategy to promote their products.

The same strategy viewers use when they want to award the broadcasters. They can buy diamonds and gifts to reward the entertainer.

You have to attach your debit card to pay for diamonds. The host, in turn, can transform it into money. It has many packages of diamonds to sell.

Do on-demand broadcast

These tricks can help you achieve your goals through this platform. You can broadcast about the content that your viewer wants to watch.

Ask them in the comment section about their interest and Livestream about it. It will get you plenty of followers. Educational videos and cooking classes on demand are the best way to get viral on this program and make good money.

You can also broadcast special events. You can do live streaming on wedding independence days, graduation, and sports.

Educate people about special events their importance with a little bit of humor. Video gaming is another good option to do that.

Contact your friend s family and relatives and share your broadcast with them. 

Minimum and Maximum Earnings

This depends upon the beans and gifts you receive. The host at Bigo Live can earn $133 to $10000 in a month. The minimum target is 20000 beans, and the host will get $133.

Beans are a virtual currency and let me explain their worth, 210 beans are equal to $1. You can withdraw money by clicking on transfer beans and gifts to cash.

All the funds will be transferred to your bank account. It takes 3 to 5 days; then you can withdraw money from your account. This process is smooth and does not require any special skills. Simply open a bank account in your local area, and submit the details in your profile.

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