Can You Earn Money From LinkedIn?

Can You Earn Money From LinkedIn?

Here are the 9 best methods to make money by using LinkedIn. We have added proven techniques to get more followers on this platform that leads to more earnings.

Can You Earn Money From LinkedIn? You can earn money from LinkedIn by selling products, provide services, affiliate marketing, offer advertisements, and sponsorship. You can earn around $200 to $10,000, depending on your followers and services.

It has various objects in the life of professionals like setting up a small business or seeking a job. You can use it by making your profile; once you are logged in, the home page will appear, and it is your news feed.

Can You Earn Money From LinkedIn?

It is a social networking app specially designed for professional business people and career-oriented employees to connect. People with skills are making a decent amount on this community.

It shows a recent post from your connected members. It is an excellent source to make a living while staying at home.

Sell products

When you have something to sell this social media is the best place for it. You can sell any product on it. First, create a strong image of your product on your profile.

Make a list of all the items that you want to sell. Enlist all the features of them properly. When you are selling any digital product or anything having a physical appearance, make sure to upload its pictures with specs.

You can also add an explainer video about the proper usage of products. You can again ask the user for any recommendation by allowing the comments on your products.

In case you are selling any informational videos, books, e-books, or any writing material, offer them some free content.

It is the best way to get them involved in your products. You can also provide discounts on your products to increase the sale.

You can also add these products under new publications or new project section of your profile.

You can also invite people to webinar and provide free valuable education with a perk of sale on the educational content. You can earn money from Facebook groups doing the same.

Provide services

People are also making a handsome amount by providing different services. Enlist all the skills you have or learned from the experience of jobs.

Optimize your account to get yourself hired. Other users provide freelancing services and provide services as a consultant.

You can also have the option of designing any social app banners, logos, or website pages. You have to advertise all the talent in the most appropriate way to get an opportunity. You can do the same on Spotify Podcast and make money from Spotify podcasts.

You can also join many groups which provide different services. Get in touch with users who are seeking someone to provide services.

Just answer some basic questions in the comment section to advertise it; you can also message them in private that you are providing these services.

Increase mailing list

To do this first, you have to grow your relationships with its users. You can create a group of members in it and announce anything in this group.

You can advertise your products and any services you are providing. The group member, in return, can help in further propagation of it.

Converting people on this platform to your mailing list requires some time. This is because this media does not allow you to export them into the mailing list without their consent.

You can mail new members with a custom welcome template when they join the group. You can do it by pasting the email in the group.

The same rule applies to any critical announcement about your business or services. This way, you can make your mailing list bigger.

A bigger mailing list provides more opportunities to sell anything or provide any paid services.

Offer advertisement and sponsorship

Users having advertising business and can offer sponsorship to any event; it can help them a lot in getting candidates.

You can also search advertisers for your business and sponsorship. Look for advertisers and sponsor and narrow it by categorizing into industry location and other criteria.

Keep looking for advertisements in the sidebar because the same person may be looking for ads and want to sponsor any event. 

Create an ad enlisting all the limited time offer and discounts on your products. The same ad campaign is also available when you want to advertise your skills and services you provide.

People running a small business can invest in advertising to get more value out of their business. This is a perfect example to increase the ROI. Many people are making good money from Bigo Live with these ads.

Get your dream job

It can also help you in getting your dream job. Focus on the summary section about a particular position. Write about your passion and results you can bring in case you got that job.

Job seekers should get a premium Linkedin account. This will shift your application on the top, and you can search for jobs using different filters in the salary section.

Keep an eye on the career tab of other companies to get information about any vacancy.

You can also join groups of many companies to get updates about the job. This way, you can also interact with people who are searching for employees.

Different recruiter groups are also available at this social app, and you can join them to apply for different jobs.

Get in touch with a company’s recruiter and build a strong bond to get any company position. 

Create quality content

You can also share any content on your profile. Keep the content short and precise. Try to upload an interesting or informative article on it. Upload it directly on it.

Never share any link from another social media app. You can also create any video about any topic.

You also have the option of creating consultancy videos about small businesses and services. Beware that the videos should be of 10 to 15 minutes only.

Your content should have uniqueness, and it should be different from others. It can get the attention of other users quickly.

By doing this, you can secure any job in any firm or provide paid services like writing, creative designing, etc. It gives more visibility by users to that content, which is directly uploaded to it. You can post it on TikTok and you can use TikTok live to make a decent income.

Make an inspiring profile

Your profile plays a vital role in your success in this app. It should grab the attention of all users. Make it inspiring and different from others.

Visiting your profile makes an impression about your personality attitude and engagement in it. First of all, take a good profile picture.

It should have a professional impact on others. It should also relate to your job’s nature, like either a business person or an employer and job seeker.

Think of some headline about yourself and your business. This short headline should attract all the users from a crowd of profiles.

Make heading about essential skills or the brand new feature of your product. People will get to know the unique characteristics of your products and maybe buy your products.

Now write a post about your story. You can prepare a presentation on the journey of your business.

Job seekers and service providers can also share their stories of struggle or the skills they learn. It should be 400 to 500 words. Use bold italic words and some unique quotes in this.

Join groups

A registered member can also create its group in it when you want to advertise your own business and products to sell.

Create it and add all your professional partners and other members in it. It can help you in making your products recognized in the market.

It has a tremendous impact on your average income when you want to seek a job or join the related community.

It also has a recruiter button, which makes it very easy to get employees. With just one tap, hundreds of the profiles will appear before you.

It will increase your interaction with the talent of different age groups. You have a lot of options to choose expertise.

Linkedin Profinder is another service to get many jobs or provide paid services. Just get registered in it to get updates.

This service is free until you need five job updates per month. When you want more than five options, than go for a premium account. 

Affiliate marketing on LinkedIn

Affiliate marketing is an excellent source of earning through Linkedin. Give good reviews about the product and promoter their sale.

It can secure a good commission for you in sales. You can give thoughts to update people about the new launch, limited-time offers, and discounts.

Write a post on your profile about these products and make a video to review it. You can also email your contacts about the promotion of groups. Post reviews in groups that you have joined in this app.

Average Monthly Earnings

Now, this is a bit tricky; there are many factors involved in this. You have to make your presence better and get more followers. I suggest that you join more platforms like this to get more exposure.

On average, members are making around $600 per month by following all the guidelines mentioned above. Few people are making approximately $70,000 per month in the form of affiliate commissions from this fantastic program.