Can you make money from going live on TikTok

Can you make money from going live on TikTok?

Here are 8 best methods for earning money by going live on TikTok. We have explained all the details in this step-by-step guide.

Can you make money from going live on TikTok? You can make money from going live on TilTok by selling products, affiliate marketing, promote business, give reviews, and ask for donations. On average, you can earn around $100 to $8,000 with 100k followers.

People, especially teenagers, are getting fame through it. You can again go live through it. The good news is that you can earn money by going live on it. 

Can you make money from going live on TikTok?

Tiktok is a social networking app. It not only connects different people, but it also allows them to show their talent. You can upload other videos on it.

Going live on it is simple, and you can go live by following some simple steps. Open the play store of your android phone or apple store.

Launch the app on your device. Now make an account on it by choosing an email ID and password, log in to the app by providing the credentials.

Give a title to your video, and after selecting the title, tap on the go-live button. After you have finished your live streaming, press the end button to finish it.

Who can go live on TikTok?

Due to some safety and privacy concerns, the company has put some limits on live streaming. You have to fulfill some requirements to go live on this app.

You should 16 years or above in age to go live. Children below this age are not allowed for this. You should get more audience, and then you can perform this action.

When you are over 18, people who view you can send you virtual gifts. These gifts are digital currency that you can convert into cash.

Sell products

You can sell your products through it. You can sell any physical product during the session. Make sure to describe in detail all specs of the products and their proper usage.

You can also advertise limited time offers discounts and new launches in it. Urge them to join and purchase your products.

This marketing strategy has an advantage that you have direct interaction with your customers.

They can give you reviews about your products. You can make changes and advancements in your products accordingly.

You can also sell some consultancy services during this session. Educate your viewers on different topics.

More viewers mean more chances to expand your message. The viewers can send you virtual gifts in return for the services you provide. You can do the same on the Minecraft and make decent revenue from playing the Minecraft game.

Sell affiliate products

Affiliate marketing can make you a handsome amount. Affiliate marketing or sale is based on the sale of the company that you are promoting.

You can approach different brands for ads program during your stream. In return, you will get a commission from them. People are earning by using Snapchat Filters and you can do the same.

You can promote any cosmetics cloth brand or shoe brands during the session. While choosing brands for affiliate marketing, be careful about the company’s reputation as it can be a game-changer in this whole game.

The first thing to do before affiliate marketing is to choose a niche. After selecting a name and with a lot of followers and viewers, you can approach it.

When you have become an influencer or any celebrity in this app, different brands will automatically approach you. You have to create some other and exciting content related to that brand to promote it.

This will encourage your follower to purchase it. You have to do this task differently to promote the purchase and sale of products.

Collect donations

It is a built-in monetization process but now the whole burden on your shoulder. It is up to you how much fun or exciting factor you put into your content.

Sometimes it depends upon the generosity of the viewers. Create anything which can attract followers of all generations.

You should have approximately 10000 followers to get income by this method. This will make the amount that you can withdraw from a bank account.

Your content can attract the follower, and they can give donations. These donations are in the form of coins. The followers can purchase them from their profile.

One hundred coins cost approximately $1.5. These coins now they can give you as a reward or gift for your efforts.

The streamer then can convert them into diamonds. These diamonds are then transferred to actual cash. You can withdraw this amount through PayPal.

They can withdraw 80% of the amount from the account. Rest 20% goes to the app account. 

Promote music

Different singers use this platform to promote their music. They can do this when they want to launch a new song.

They can sing some lyrics during streaming. Celebrities usually do this on-demand concerts on this social media app and make decent returns.

Inform your followers about the song list in your new album and encourage them to buy it.

Struggling singers who hardly find any platform to showcase their talent can use this option to perform for their followers.

They can collect a decent income by getting donations, but they can get hired by someone for music production. Singers with real talent can get fame within days and can explore different opportunities. You can do the same on the Spotify platform and earn from Spotify podcasts.

Give reviews

When you have a massive following on this app, you can do this and review different things. You can give reviews about various products and share your experience using that product.

Brands can approach you for providing good reviews about your products.

Girls can give reviews with a little trick of usage and how to apply any product. Make a deal with the company when you have enough following and viewers.

It is more beneficial than merely collecting donations. You can also give reviews about books, and it can get you a lot of coins as a gift. You can collect a handsome income from LinkedIn with the same technique.

Tiktok live auction

It is a new feature of this social app. It is found in only the Chinese TikTok version. This app has created a distinct feature to create a shopping cart during the stream.

Here you can enlist all the products that you want to sell along with their specs. The viewers can shop for products in place of donating coins.

The shopping cart can contain anything; books are the best thing to sell during the stream. People can quickly pay you by giving you virtual coins.

Average monthly earnings

It depends upon how much followers and views you get on your content. It is also dependent on how much virtual coins you collect through this technique.

It almost takes 100k followers to collect $500 to $2000 in product placement on a specific video. When you want to transfer the coins, you should have at least $100 in your account. It is the minimum amount you can withdraw from it.

People are also growing an account and selling it. You can get about $1000 to $2000 by selling an account with 1000 followers.

You can also make good value by compilation of videos on different content. An influencer can get up to $100k per year through it. Once the influencer reaches $100, the app will transfer payment into account. The whole process takes approximately 15 days.