Can You Make Money From Snapchat Filters?

Can You Make Money From Snapchat Filters?

Here are the 12 best methods for earning money from Snapchat Filters. We have explained all the details of building an audience and monetizing it on this social platform.

Can You Make Money From Snapchat Filters? You can make money from Snapchat filters by promoting your business via Snap Ads, sponsorships, coaching and consulting services, shoutouts from influencers, and brand promotion.

Can You Make Money From Snapchat Filters?

Snapchat is a famous social media app having millions of users. People communicate with each other through stories by sharing their photos and videos.

Many filters are available on Snapchat to make creative and funny stories. The stories stay on the app for about 24 hours and then deleted automatically. 

Promote your business on Snap Ads

Snap ads are mainly used for business purposes. These ads usually appear in the form of images, videos, and customized filters.

It is a fantastic platform where you can promote your business, brand, or products easily. Snap ads are visible in many ways.

  • Sponsored ads appear within the stories.
  • They also appear in the Discover feed.
  • Customized effects can be used for advertisements.

So if you have a product, you can use ads for promotion. Companies that provide services like event management should also use these to interact with the public.

A 10-12 seconds video showing a T-shirt brand promotion or a painter’s artwork will significantly impact the audience. 

This technique will directly boost your sales. Although people like to skip the ads showed while swiping the stories, it is still a significant and direct way to convey your message across the audience.

You can quickly achieve your business goals through this mobile advertising software.

Use Geo-Filters

They are based on location, temperature, time, speed, etc. You can also create a community or on-demand filters. 

If a particular place is famous among people, you can create a community effect and submit to this platform. You can easily design by using photoshop or sketch if you are not a professional graphic designer. 

The file you will upload on the app should not be more excellent than 300 KB. It should be 1080*1920 pixels, and the background should be transparent.

On-demand effects are used to promote a business or a company. It charges a fee of about $5 per 20,000 square feet for an on-demand customized impact.

This investment is fruitful if you have a large business and can bear the effect’s cost because the audience becomes familiar with your products or company. 

On-demand effects are available in America, England, and Canada right now. The selected area for business marketing should be less than 5 million square feet.

The date and time also matter a lot. Select the date and time about which are entirely sure to produce the viewers’ highest impact. Because if you selected the wrong time or date, it does not allow you to change it again.


Lens filters are used in a selfie because the lens effect only applies to your front camera. 

When people use that feature, they are promoting your business. For example, if you have a shoe brand and people like to wear your brand’s shoes.

You should make a customized logo. When people share their shoes, they will also put your brand’s logo alongside.

When your product is expired, it shows some analytics that shows how your designed effect has performed. It shows how much it is used and how many views it got.

This data sometimes take one or two days to appear in analytic insights.

Affiliate Marketing with Snapchat

It has an exciting feature of sharing a website’s link to the story. The link will be visible to the users in the form of an Emoticode. It is a shortened URL that is easy to copy and paste. 

So you can easily do affiliate marketing for a particular product on this platform.

If you have tried that product yourself, make a video of yourself using that product, and place an affiliate link alongside, people will click on the link ad to earn your affiliate commissions. 

The video should be precise because people interact quickly on this platform. Use high-quality video editing software to produce videos with good resolution.

Choose the right objective for your marketing campaign. Come to the point immediately. These tips will help you to have increased engagement and ensure high conversion rates.

Make your Audience

You must have a huge audience and fan following. Your audience should have trust in you. So it is required that you share engaging stories with people. Focus on your niche. Determine what your audience likes to see. 

Do not try to make some content every time. Try to share exciting and unique moments. Keep your account easily accessible to people.

The content you share in your stories should be easy to understand, personalized, and original. You can make good money from going live on TikTok, and use that traffic to your profile.

Create Amazing Content

Visit your account analytics every day to check what is working and what’s not. Then produce content that your fans like. Your content should be creative and informative.


If you have a successful account with many followers, you can also get sponsorships from different brands or companies.

You have to tell people about their products or services. This can be done either in the form of photos or a 10-12 second video that will highlight your experience of using the product. You can do the same on the Spotify platform and earn money from Spotify Podcasts.

Sell your Products

You can sell your products using this technology by creating a snap code. It is an effective way to engage with your followers.

For example, if you have a flower shop. You can make beautiful videos or pictures of flowers and tell the price to people.

It is also suggested that you must have a catchy username, which is easy to remember. Your name, image, and story details should be according to your brand.

To become more successful through social media marketing, give your followers some incentive in discount offers.

People like to buy products which are fantastic to use and at the same time, not heavy on the pocket. This measure will provide more sales through your social media account and help you reach more potential customers.

Shout-Out from Influencers

If you have a new account and do not have any broad audience, then it is good to have shout-outs from those influencers who already have a big fan following.

These influencers will use different effects in their stories to promote you within their community. 

Many influencers charge a fee for doing promotions, so it is possible that if you are a new user, then you have to pay to the influencers for marketing.

Message the other user directly or mention the person in your story, so your account gets highlighted and acquires people’s attention.

Stay Active

Staying active on the platform is necessary if you want to have a professional account. Your chances to be successful increase if you have an active portfolio.

People also like to follow those who have a regular habit of sharing content on social media. 

It also develops a better relationship with the fans when they know that this business portfolio is active. Many potential users approach you through chat.

So if you stay active and reply to your followers on time, it will positively impact your online business. 

Social media websites are working on pre-designed algorithms in which active people appear on top. Their photos and videos are visible easily and usually get more views from people.

If you are not active on social media, your photos and videos will not appear on top.

Post to other Stories

Share your images and videos to stories of other accounts. If a social media account shows sporting events, and they have many viewers who like sports.

It is evident that if you share your baseball products on that portfolio. You will convert more people to your customers. So sharing your stories on accounts having large viewers will help you succeed.

Coaching and Consulting Services

These can also be used in stories to provide coaching and consulting services. For this purpose, you must be an expert in your field. If you engage well through your stories and your followers trust you, they will ask you for coaching and consultation. 

 In short, Snapchat is full of opportunities to earn online. The wide variety of filters will help you convey your message with the audience. So, you should be part of this platform right now before it becomes too late.